Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Interview for new intake

Wuuhhh......Interview for new intake will be commence on 2nd May 2009...Name list is not out yet...omg.....2nd May is this Saturdayyyyy........!!!! :(

Monday, 27 April 2009

Graduation Night Dinner (Photo Session)

Photo Session is the best of all~yeayy!!We Love Photo Session~hahahahhah..enjoy~=)

me n my brother..=p

muka urg2 yg selalu lepak di bawah flat..haha


Graduation Night Dinner (1)

Sorry for the late update.I was kinda busy lately..hehe..Here's the pictures taken on 25April at Holiday Lodge Hotel in Jerudong. The place kinda quiet and karan kali..haha..;p

MKJB teachers & instructors

Marine Department


Enoi and the 'primadona'~~muhahaha..

azizi yg inda puas ati pasal flash nya low batt..pagi nya biar swimming eh..

watsap dawls~~ *hahahhaha*

photo session is the best part..kalau dpt inda mau bg chance rah class lain..XD


name: Don Dillah-iego
we'll be righ back for another photo session..don't go away..;p

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Convocation Day~! (Part 2)

Continue of the part 1..Pictures taken right after we got our ND certificate..Yosh!!Im finally graduated!!!Alhamdulilah...Yippie~~

and finally...


p/s: guys i cant wait for the graduation dinner this 25th April~

Convocation Day~! (Part 1)

Haii..sorry for the late update..I need to fully recharged myself after 2days lack of sleep but berbaloi..HAHAHA...I just upload some of the pictures here while the rest will be in my facebook.Enjoy~^^,
Taken before we enter the hall..Everyone was extremely happy..!!

yeap that CS family..CS logo: motherboard..^^

marine department..the C-style!

C-style group with one n only girl

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Convocation Rehearsal

Wake up time:5a.m. Hahahha..Today ada convocation rehearsal at ICC. Wahh...I'm so tired..Tomorrow have to wake up early again..Here's the pictures..=)

marine section

three ladies in black

liat tu muka urg yg very happy kan graduate tomorrow...haha

see you tomorrow~=)

p/s: Convocation countdown~!!Will update more pictures tomorrow~!!