Sunday, 31 May 2009

Happy Armed Forces Anniversary Day

Happy anniversary to the armed forces~haha..I didn't even got time to see the how this year celebration looks like.I woke up late this morning and only watch abit when my sister switch on the Brunei channel..hahhaa...Well thanks to my great neighbour who was having powerhead last night till 3am.I cant even enjoy my sleep when they started to fight over some lousy thing..du-uh...

whoaaa...i cant believe i found these bookmarks in my room..remember in ccms, we used to collect this bookmarks when we behave well..hahhahaha...*good doggie* i miss those moments..:'(

Saturday, 30 May 2009


Haha..Happy Birthday to my dearest twin yang tidak share the same stomach and umbilical cord with my mother. Lizaaaa!!!Happy Birthdayyyy~!!!bah bisai2 tah menjaga si syirah a good mother walaupun aku jarang meliat your daughter..cheers bebeh...batah dah nda jumpa kau..Have a blast with your love one.^^

photo by kaka enoi..thanks for the picture noii..=)

zy's note: nda abis2 posing c liza ahh..muka nya saja panuh dlm folder picture cs..=.=

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Light the path to your heart

Update~!Just a random picture to brighten your heart always=)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Boys over Flower

Hehe...i've been watching korean series movie lately.Boys over Flower(Kgotboda Namja).Its the korean version of Hana Yori Dango!Nice?Yeahh...nice~~I just love Koo Hye Sun..She looks cute acting as Jan Di.I just finish watching Episod 6 and waiting for my sister to get the rest of the episod from her friend..Haha!! once start its hard to stop it,and its gona be a lil hard for you to pull me out of my room now. Muhahhaha..

not to mention the guys were cute too~^^*rise eyebrows* hehe

zy's note: hair was once like Jan Di before!!Blast that salon..I not gona take another step to that salon anymore ever!Even its a PARENTIAL FORCE...miss my old hair...*sniff!sniff!*:s

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Women's Health Talk

This morning accompany my mom to attend the Women's Health: Common Ailments and Preventive Care at Songket Ballroom;Rizqun Internation Hotel.Its about HPV aka Human Papillomavirus and talks on Cervical Cancer..The talks is good for teenager and mummy to gain some information..=)

haha...talcum jua la di gambar..=p

looks familiar?=)

slideshow from Dr. L S Chitra Karat and Dr. Elizabeth

zy's note: sorry kaka peedah actually kami aishah plan to make surprise visit at your office today...but gotta accompany my mom today...hehe..we'll visit you someday..cheers~!^^v

生日快乐 (Happy Birthday)

Yeahh....Happy Birthday Happy Birthday and Happy Happy Birthday.Guess who??HAHAH..same day but different year...Give a big applause to Kaka Peedah,Ahmad Jonathan and Lezlii yg telah berjaya naik satu angka!huhahahaha...Happy Birthday y'all...Have a blast and best wishes..=))

ooppss...hehe...i forgot to kaler jonathan's face..HAHA..nvr mind...tu c ahmad jonathan the short chinese guy at the back..and oh yeah...i dun hav lez picture too..hehehe..gomen...Happy Birthday you all..=))

zy's note: eh is it today kaka peedah birhtday??i saw her name on the calendar last year at her office..correct me if im wrong..alah salah pun nda papa wa...advance greeting~=p

Sunday, 17 May 2009

*sigh* =)

update~*sigh* flash ! daymmm....I seriously need to buy an external flash for my money money....its all about money...mana kan cari duit ne?unless ada hujan duit mana saja...that would be more easier...barghhh!!! ahh..

Monday, 11 May 2009

Kuraman Island (Last Part)

45 minutes from Kuraman Island we finally reached Empire Hotel..Brunei at last!!Since its early we continue our plan in extra extreme activity which is the BANANA BOAT and FLYFISH!!MUAHAHHA....

nah muka after balik dari pulau..mcm urg pulau dah..XD

okay..count carefully how many people on the flyfish..*my mom rawks!main flyfish*

now count again...

don't miscount..count many left and who is the missing person?*u may click for larger image*

tadaaa~~this is the missing person yg gugur k laut...HAHA

off to the next one..the BANANA BOAT..*my dad rawks too!!main banana boat*XD

nasib nada banana laut bergolek...hahaha

that's all everyone~one whole day from morning till evening...

zy's note: haihh..enoii now aku tau cana rasa nya nada mua ku dlm pictures...hahhahahha=.="

Kuraman Island (Kuraman-Rusukan Kecil)

After having bbq lunch at Kuraman Island,we moved to Rusukan Kecil Island for snorkeling..It was AWESOME!Fishes,lobsters,starfishes and the most important things the CORAL REEFS was everywhere~!!!

see i told you...that's Labuan!dakat kan?=D

look down underneath the perahu...its CORAL REEFS!!NICEE

that my daddy cool~batah dah inda snorkeling gian jua eh uleh nya

busshh~!!!chae2 in the water

inhale exhale..hahahahaha

many-many duyung lapas..bah tangkap tia!mana siut??lajuu mana satu kamu mau?

alright everyone~time to leave..liat tu mua adek yg inda puas kn snorkeling..tan abis dah kulit nya.
after snorkeling kami balik ke pulau ambil harta2 kami d sana..The kampung people was poor and the kids even dont go to school..cian eh

one little two little three little indian four little five little six little indian seven little eight little nine little indian..ten little indians kids

tu nini ah...sapa ditunggu nya ah?

food donation..luan bnyk fats dah yath donate sikit2..

my sis spot real anak duyung berkaki dua..HAHAHA..

leaving Kuraman Island