Sunday, 28 June 2009

Majlis Papat Jambul

This morning went to my grandparent house to attend my youngest cousin papat jambul ceremony. We went there early in order to help them to prepare everything. I just love kids!!They are adorable!!!!Kyaa..>.<

abg Rudy with his wife.(just married!)

DST eazi promo~

"baby girl subuk apa tu?"

"baby girl tunggu bouncer bah..batahh..." of my fav aunty..pasal apa nah?rambut nya lawa~~

guess what they are doing?

Las Vegas yaw!!

show off~~~

"ka ka,baby girl kan is is!!!"

zy's note: is is means kan kamihh....XD

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Rock my World

Rock star's.

zy's note: I found this mini polly pocket in my room drawer. One of my childhood toy aside from Lego..;p

Friday, 26 June 2009



zy's note: do you guys hear the news this morning?My dad's a fan of him..haih..Rest in peace..

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Clown of the day

Hahaha..Well, actually I almost forget that today is my cousin birthday until she msg me and remind me about her present.Hahaha..Happy Birthday Lady D..I'll gona treat you somewhere next week if you stop by my house..hahahah..Love you always..

zy's note: hahaha..budak!happy birthday..bisai2 tah ulah ah..hahahahahahaa..XD


zy's note: I still remember last week when I went out with adek,she asked me "zai,baju raya dah ready?" =.=" Adek, puasa pun not yet and you already think of Hari Raya..hahahaha...>.<

Sunday, 21 June 2009


First of all,Happy Father's Day to every father in the world!!Went to my cousin house for bbq and celebrating Father's Day. Feels so fun to gather with my mom's bro family. The family consists of 16 children. I mean 16! urm if I'm not mistaken...5boys and 11girls...WOAHHH...What a big family..5 already married and the rest still staying under their parent armpit..Enjoy the pictures.;p

gambar kenangan2 with one of the Rampai Pagi host(the girl with stripe blouse).HAHAHA..she's my cousin anyway..;p

zy's note: full and was fun and happening..=)